Bread, Butter & Jam Pudding
Caramelised marshmallows with strawberry jam create a very pretty look for this sweet and luscious bread, marshmallows & jam pudding.
Bread Butter Jam Pudding Recipe by Chef Sabyasachi Gorai

- Fusion


- 2

Cooking Time

-40-45 Min


- Medium

Preparation Time

- 50 Min


  • Butter & Jam Pudding 10 to 12 bread slices
  • 6 tbsp butter
  • Jam as required
  • 2 ½ cup milk
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 4 eggs
  • Dry cherries as required
  • Dry raisins as required
  • 1 cup Strawberry jam
  • 7 marshmallows
  • oil for greasing
  • For Garnish: blackberries as required
  • Vanilla custard as required


  1. 1

    Apply jam and butter to the bread slices and set them aside.
  2. 2

    Add a fresh vanilla bean into the milk jar and set aside.
  3. 3

    Break the eggs in a bowl and add milk.
  4. 4

    Take a pyrex making dish and coat it with oil.
  5. 5

    Arrange the bread slices on it forming a layer.
  6. 6

    Drizzle vanilla custard.
  7. 7

    Repeat the same for every layer.
  8. 8

    Before you add the last layer sprinkle dry cherries and raisins.
  9. 9

    Top the pudding with the remaining bread slices.
  10. 10

    Bake at 180'C for 45 minutes.
  11. 11

    Drizzle strawberry jam.
  12. 12

    Add marshmallows and caramelise them with a blow torch.
  13. 13

    Garnish with blackberries and vanilla custard.
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