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Biscuit chocolate cake

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It's a cake made from bourbon biscuits which gives a flavour of chocolate cake. It can be made easily in a pressure cooker without oven.
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5 people

Cooking Time

60 minutes

Meal Type



  • Bourbon biscuits - 2packs
  • Milk - 1cup
  • Baking powder - 1/2tbsp


  1. 1

    Add bourbon biscuits to mixer and grind them to fine powder. Add this to mixing bowl and add milk gradually to it. Whisk well and add some more milk and whisk again. Now add baking powder to it and mix well. Batter is ready.
  2. 2

    Take a pressure cooker and add salt to it and place a stand in it. Close lid and preheat for 10 minutes on medium flame.
  3. 3

    Take a cake mould and apply butter to it and add mixed batter to it. Tap twice to adjust the level of batter.
  4. 4

    Place the mould in cooker and close the lid. Bake it for 40 minutes.
  5. 5

    Take out the mould after 40 minutes and cool it till room temperature.
  6. 6

    Demould the cake from mould.
  7. 7

    Spread melted chocolate on the top.
  8. 8

    Bakery style chocolate cake is ready🎂😍 with easy and simple process.👍.
  9. 9

    It can also be baked in oven in time of 30 minutes at 180°c.

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