For the last three years, Living Foodz Epicurean Guild Awards (LFEGA) has been honouring the best of food in India—from the emerging and innovative, to traditional and trendy. LFEGA also awards chic nightclubs, quaint hidden gems that are preserving regional flavours and homegrown wines and spirits that have put India on the global map. The people behind our unique culinary language—chefs and entrepreneurs who are championing sustainable and inclusive practices; and social media stars who are influencing the way people consume food, are also awarded.

In only three years, our journey that took off in three Indian metros has covered the entire country and LFEGA today is a pan-India award with nominees from Kashmir to Kochi. This year, we are opening up the process so YOU can participate and compete for the top spot. The LFEGA nomination and selection process is transparent and rigorous, and overseen by an external process validation agency. An eminent jury comprising influencers, food critics,

and gastronomes go through the nominations, and select a long list of deserving restaurants in each category. Next, the long list is whittled down to select the three finalists for each category, through secret voting and jury deliberation. Following this, the jury dines out at the shortlisted restaurants, anonymously. Members of the jury meet again to elect the final winner in each category.

Here's how you can be part of this grand event. Once you have filled the form, made the payment and submitted your nomination, your nomination will be forwarded to the jury which will review and rate your restaurant. From here on, you are part of the selection process that’s overseen by our process validators at every step along the way.

So hurry, it’s your chance to shine among India’s culinary stars! Join us in this grand celebration of Indian food!

How to nominate

You’re getting closer to being part of India’s biggest food and lifestyle event! Read about the LFEGA categories here. Be sure you’ve read through all the categories and made your choice after careful consideration because once you’ve submitted the form, you cannot change the category.

The nomination fee is Rs 15,000 (Inclusive of GST). Payment has to be made in any one of the following methods:
NEFT on the details below:
A/C NO. : 915020041754316
IFS CODE : UTIB0000173
Cheque addressed to LIVING ENTERTAINMENT ENTERPRISES PVT LTD and couriered to the following address:
Living Entertainment Enterprises Pvt Ltd.
18th floor, Marathon Futurex
NM Joshi Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai 400013

You will be able to submit the form only after making the payment and entering the transaction reference number in the form below.
Once you’ve filled the form and submitted to the Jury, you will receive a unique number and an email from us.
Still have queries? Check the list of FAQs here. Need to get in touch with us? Just drop us a mail at lfega@livingfoodz.com.

Award Categories

Selecting the right category is the most crucial aspect of your nomination, so carefully read through the various categories we have listed, before you select the category you wish to participate in. Once you've submitted your nomination for a particular category, you cannot change it, and it will be reviewed by the Jury for your chosen category only. The LFEGA categories represent the culinary diversity of our country--from micro-regional to global cuisines, we have covered all bases.

So here's how you choose the category that is right for you. What is your hero cuisine? What's the unique story your kitchen has been serving up? Are you exploring unknown regional cuisines of India? (Emerging Indian). Or do you believe in good ol' traditional fare with honest ingredients? (Traditional Indian). Or is your story a modern retelling of your grandmom's recipes? (Progressive Indian). Scroll through each category to know more about them.

Traditional Indian

The category includes restaurants whose ethos and menu are centred around the preservation of Indian culinary heritage. The food they serve stays true to the origin and roots of the cuisine, in both recipe and presentation, while still leaving room for innovation. These are restaurants that credit provenance, and use produce as present in the root cuisine.

Progressive Indian

This category lists restaurants whose offerings are a modern interpretation of traditional Indian cuisine, with dishes that are a radical departure from the traditional, by way of technique or presentation, and highlight the restaurant’s individuality and ethos. Thoughtful creativity in innovation and separating ingenuity from gimmick and fusion make them stand apart.

Emerging Indian

The category includes restaurants that place value on hyper-local cuisine, are ingredient-centric, feature lesser-known regional cuisines and set a new direction for both the industry and consumer.


In this category are listed restaurants that honour the Chinese culinary traditions, and showcase the diversity of cuisine, ingredients and techniques from the region, providing guests an authentic experience of Chinese hospitality. Choose this category only if you are exclusively serving Chinese cuisine. If your menu also lists other Asian cuisines, you'd qualify for the Multi-Asian category.


Restaurants that honour the Japanese culinary traditions, flavours, cooking techniques, and art of presentation while introducing diners to the simplicity of seasonal ingredients and diverse meal styles.

Multi-Asian Cuisine

This is our only multi-cuisine category and includes eating houses that offer a faithful representation of cuisine and culture from the Asian region, extending the experience to design, decor, and service. If your menu lists one of many of these--Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Korean, Malaysian, Sri-Lankan, Pakistani food, or that of other Asian countries, this is your category.


Restaurants that present Italian cuisine that’s true to the region of origin, keeping provenance, culinary culture, etiquette and tradition at the forefront of service and cuisine are nominated in this category.


A seafood-led menu, whose quality, freshness, and treatment of produce, have remained consistently high compete under this category. Prioritising ethical sourcing with sustainable practices built into their menus, and making efforts to educate the diner as part of the guest experience, are ranked higher.

Best Nightlife experience

Here’s a list of the buzz creators—lounges and bars that offer an engaging nightlife experience, with the right vibe,cocktail selection and playlists that keep the crowds coming back. A compelling curation of popular culture, with events, live bands, stand-up comedy and the like earn bonus points.

New Restaurant

This category recognizes the best among new restaurants that have launched in or after October 1, 2018, and have been operational for at least 2 months. Nominate your restaurant if you’ve made a significant impact on the city’s restaurant culture, and maintained consistency in quality of food, service, and ambience.

Best Indian Wines

Our category honours a vintage of an Indian wine for its body, bouquet and balance, and also considers its versatility and value for money.

Best Microbrewery in India

From lagers to ales and stouts, if you believe in strengthening the cause of Indian craft beer while offering your patrons an extraordinary and wholesome dining experience, then nominate your microbrewery.

Inclusive F&B establishments

Institutions that provide a safe working environment with equal opportunity for people of all genders, economic backgrounds, languages and cultures. Hospitality initiatives and kitchens that employ differently-abled, or provide opportunity to marginalised groups, deserve to be ranked higher.

The Oyster club

LFEGA recognises lesser-known, quaint restaurants that are quietly making waves in their respective towns and cities with innovation and exceptional food. You may be a cafe, a little shack or a nugget of a restaurant in any part of the country, here's your chance to join the coveted LFEGA Oyster Club.


This is an award for individuals, institutions, social bodies, or even state governments that have initiated and executed work that is making a significantly positive impact on food production, consumption, it’s impact on the environment and society.

Chef of the Year

This award is given to a chef who has scripted a unique story in the Indian food landscape. Apart from building successful restaurants, imbuing values such as ethical sourcing of ingredients and promoting lesser-known cuisines, are considered. Nominees include Indian and foreign chefs who have been part of the Indian restaurant culture for a minimum of 5 years. Individual chefs cannot nominate themselves, the Chef of the Year award is given to a restaurant chef.


I want to nominate myself. What is the criteria for eligibility?

It’s fairly simple. Are you a (functional) restaurant in the premium casual space that believes in culinary excellence, stays true to the ethos of its concept and cuisine, and is loved by its patrons? Oh yes, you are! Scroll up, fill the form, pay and submit! Here's your chance to compete with the best minds and the restaurants they've created, and find your place among top-of-the-line eating houses of the country. It doesn’t matter what Indian town or city you are located in, LFEGA offers you the unique chance to be discovered by a wide audience from India and abroad. If you're a tiny but mighty hidden gem (dhabas and shacks) that's creating the right buzz and popularizing cuisine from an unexplored region, you may find a place for yourself among other shining stars of the coveted Oyster Club. Check it out now.

We qualify for different categories. Can I apply in more than one category?

You can apply in any one cuisine category, be sure to pick the one that represents you the best. Go through the Categories List on the website carefully before you make your choice. For every additional nomination in the non-cuisine categories (Best Indian Wine, Best Indian Craftbeer (Bottled), Inclusive F&B establishment, The Oyster Club, Changemaker of the Year, Chef of the Year), you will have to fill the form and make the payment again. If you believe you’re a deserving candidate for multiple awards in the non-cuisine categories, go right ahead. Pick the desired category, make payment and submit your form.

What is the process of selection and elimination?

Once you have nominated yourself for the premier awards, the jury will review the nominations via a meticulous and transparent process of first shortlisting via secret voting, and then selecting three finalists in each category after a round of jury meet. This is then followed by a round of dining incognito at the shortlisted restaurants, where the various parameters of cuisine compliance, taste and quality of food, service, among others, are rated. The jury meets again to choose the final winners. The entire process is overseen by our process validation partners to ensure a transparent and fair selection.

We launched recently but think we have a good chance. Can we apply?

Oh yes! If you're a new restaurant that's hit the right notes, go right ahead and apply in the New Restaurant category. Here you find the best among the new restaurants that launched in 2019, and have been operational for at least 6 months. The category lists names that have made a significant impact on the city’s restaurant culture, and maintained consistency in quality of food, service, and ambience.

Can I nominate a deserving restaurant that I don’t own?

You can nominate your favourite restaurant or eating house. Simply follow the same procedure, fill the form, make the payment and send!

How much does it cost and how do I make the payment?

The entry fee is Rs 15,000. You can make the payment via NEFT or Cheque, addressed to Living Entertainment Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

What is the last date for submission of my entry?

August 31, 2019 is the last date for all entries. The payment via NEFT is to be made before submitting the form.

When will I know if I won?

We like your confidence! Our teams will get in touch with you in December if you've been nominated among the top 3 finalists by our jury. And we will be in touch with you to intimate you with details of the grand event to be held in Jan-February 2020.

Will my money be refunded if I don't win?

No. Payment once made will not be refunded. Once you have nominated yourself for the premiere awards, the jury will review the nominations via a meticulous and transparent process of selection, elimination and rating (this includes a round of anonymously dining at the shortlisted restaurants). The entire process is overseen by our process validation partners to ensure a fair and just selection.

How do I nominate myself for Chef of the Year award?

Are you an Indian (or an expat chef) who has been part of the Indian restaurant scene for a minimum of 5 years? Then you are eligible to submit your nomination for the Chef of the Year award. Individual chefs cannot nominate themselves, the restaurant has to nominate them. If you’re both, the chef and promoter of an establishment, you can nominate yourself on behalf of your restaurant.

Can I nominate more than one varietal of wine from my portfolio? Or multiple styles from my product range of beer?

Go right ahead! Each varietal of wine or style of beer will be considered a single nomination. You can nominate any number of deserving varietals and styles, after filling in the details and making the payment.

My restaurant has several branches, in different cities. Can I nominate them as one single brand?

A restaurant with multiple branches will not be considered as one brand. You will need to file a separate nomination for each branch.