Food Entertainer

Going beyond the kitchen this year, these celebrity chefs and TV show hosts travelled across the country to unearth local culinary secrets. Engaging conversations brought stories of empowerment to the fore, while candid chats revealed gastronomic anecdotes of celebrity guests.

Shipra Khanna

The Masterchef India 2 winner's show Startruck combines two of India's favourite subjects: Bollywood and food. The chat show saw celebrity guests embark on a food journey through conversations, while Shipra stepped inside her food truck and prepared delicacies for them.

Show : Startruck

Channel : 9XM

Ranveer Brar

Chef and explorer Ranveer Brar chronicles the untold stories and the culture and cuisines of the Himalayan region of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand. A thrilling adventure, the food and travel show is Brar's journey of self-discovery as he travels along the mighty Himalayas.

Show : Himalayas: The Offbeat Adventure

Channel : Living Foodz

Sarah Todd

Her show My Second Restaurant in India documents Masterchef Australia S6 contestant Sarah Todd's rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, as she gears up to launch a trendy wine bar in the heart of Mumbai.

Show : My Second Restaurant in India

Channel : Fox Life

Arjun Bijlani

TV actor and host Arjun Bijlani engaged viewers in an ultimate cook-off featuring small screen stars whipping up delicious dishes. What made it even more interesting was that they had to impress the most critical judges—a jury of children—to win the coveted title of 'Kitchen Champion'.

Show : Kitchen Champions

Channel : Colors

Rakesh Raghunathan

A singer, chef, and an avid history buff, Rakesh Raghunathan, through Dakshin Diaries, helped people rediscover south India and its food beyond the usual idli, dosa, and filter kaapi.

Show : Dakshin Diaries

Channel : Living Foodz

Aditya Bal

Chef Aditya Bal continued to travel across India and brought to the fore age-old dishes, cooking methods, and culinary traditions that escaped popular records and memory on the season 2 of Lost Recipes.

Show : Lost Recipes S2

Channel : Epic