Traditional Indian

The category includes restaurants whose ethos and menu are centered around the preservation of Indian culinary heritage. The food they serve stays true to the origin and roots of the cuisine, in both recipe and presentation, while still leaving room for innovation. These are restaurants that credit provenance, and use produce as present in the root cuisine.

Progressive Indian

Restaurants whose offerings are a modern interpretation of traditional Indian cuisine, with dishes that are a radical departure from the traditional, by way of technique or presentation, and highlight the restaurant’s individuality and ethos. Thoughtful creativity in innovation and separating ingenuity from gimmick and fusion make them stand apart.

Emerging Indian

This category includes restaurants that place value on hyper-local cuisine, are ingredient-centric, feature lesser-known regional cuisines and set a new direction for both the industry and consumer.


This category recognizes restaurants that exclusively honour the Chinese culinary traditions, and showcase the diversity of cuisine, ingredients and techniques from the region, providing guests an authentic experience of Chinese hospitality.


Restaurants that honour the Japanese culinary traditions, flavours, cooking techniques, and art of presentation while introducing diners to the simplicity of seasonal ingredients and diverse meal styles.

Multi-Asian cuisine

The category includes restaurants that offer a faithful representation of cuisine and culture from the Asian region, extending the experience to design, décor, and service.


Restaurants that present Italian cuisine that’s true to the region of origin, keeping provenance, culinary culture, etiquette and tradition at the forefront of service and cuisine are nominated in this category.


For restaurants with a seafood-led menu, whose quality, freshness, and treatment of produce, have remained consistently high compete under this category. Prioritising ethical sourcing with sustainable practices built into their menus and making efforts to educate the diner as part of the guest experience, are ranked higher.


Restaurants whose cuisine demonstrates the ability to use codified techniques and styles whilst holding up high benchmarks in innovation and creative freedom. These restaurants are simultaneously pushing the Indian ingredient story and exploring the biodiversity of Indian produce.



This category awards the lounges and bars that offer an engaging nightlife experience, with the right vibe, cocktail selection and playlists that keep the crowds coming back. A compelling curation of popular culture, with events, live bands, stand-up comedy and the like earn bonus points.

New Restaurant

This category recognises the best among new restaurants that have launched over the last year in or after January 2019. The restaurant should’ve made a significant impact on the city’s restaurant culture, and maintained consistency in quality of food, service, and ambience.

Best Indian Wine

Our category honours a vintage of an Indian wine for its body, bouquet and balance, and also considers its versatility and value for money.

Best Indian Craft Beer

Craft brewing is a business of passion, art and science. This category honours the Indian craft brewing movement, awarding an exceptional craft beer that will be assessed on its aroma, colour, palate, and mouth-feel.

Best Inclusive Establishments

The category recognizes institutions that provide a safe working environment with equal opportunity for people of all genders, economic backgrounds, languages and cultures. Hospitality initiatives and kitchens that employ differently-abled, or provide opportunity to marginalised groups, deserve to be ranked higher.

The Oyster Club

The club honours lesser-known, quaint restaurants, cafes, little shacks or a nugget of a restaurant in any part of the country that are quietly making waves in their respective towns and cities with innovation and exceptional food.


Change Maker of the Year

This is an award for individuals, institutions, social bodies, or even state governments that have initiated and executed work that is making a significantly positive impact on food production, consumption, it’s impact on the environment and society.

Chef of the Year

This award is given to a chef who has scripted a unique story in the Indian food landscape and has been part of it for a minimum of 5 years. Apart from building successful restaurants, imbuing values such as ethical sourcing of ingredients and promoting lesser-known cuisines, are considered. Nominees include Indian and foreign chefs who.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given to an individual who has created a legacy in the food and beverage industry and have dedicated their work to furthering the quality of the F&B industry.

Book of the Year

This award is given to a cookbook or a book on food published in India, that offers more than just a recipe collection, but one that pays homage to a cuisine, an ingredient, its cultural roots, or a movement.

Food Entertainer

The award is presented to a television host of a lifestyle show who entertains and engages viewers as s/he sheds light on the more obscure cuisines and cultures of the world. (The final decision rests with LF)

Food Instagrammer

This award recognises the brain behind a successful Instagram account that uses the popular social media platform to create quality content around food, whether it is through sharing recipes, reviews or information on cuisines. Quality of photographs and storytelling are as important as follower count. (The final decision rests with LF)