Traditional Indian

Restaurants that celebrate India’s rich culinary heritage with exemplary food.

Bukhara, Delhi

A landmark destination for the cuisine of the northwest frontier province. For over 35 years now, it has catered to presidents and heads of state visiting the capital city from across the globe.

Dum Pukht, Delhi

Named after the slow-style of cooking, believed to have been invented 200 years ago in the Nawabi kitchens of Awadh, Dum Pukht prides itself for its luxurious food, cooked leisurely to extract the subtlest flavours.

Karavalli, Bangalore

What really works in favour of Karavalli is the well-researched menu that reflects the culinary legacy of the various communities living along the coastal regions of south west India.

New Indian

Indigenous dishes have been expertly innovated in the famed kitchens of these restaurants.

Masala Library, Mumbai

Kebabs, curries and progressive Indian fare take centerstage at this prize-winning restaurant that succeeds in taking diners on a gastronomic voyage of the country.

Pali Bhavan, Mumbai

Suren Joshi and Mishali Sanghani’s Pali Bhavan is heavily inspired by Maharashtrian cuisine; here the humble vada pav shares space with the much revered galaoti kebab.

Royal Vega, Chennai

ITC Chola’s Royal Vega is an all-vegetarian fine dining affair. The menu draws inspiration from traditional ayurvedic cooking techniques that were upheld by Indian royalty.


By honouring the diversity of Chinese cuisine, these restaurants have delivered stellar food time and again.

Yauatcha, Mumbai

Yauatcha is a premium dim sum teahouse offering contemporary Cantonese dim sums. It boasts of a patisserie, inspired by European culinary techniques, and an extensive range of teas, wines and cocktails.

House of Ming, Delhi

The carefully curated menu highlights the spicy cuisine of Sichuan region of China. Touted as one of the first restaurants to introduce these flavours to North India, it is the go-to dining spot for the high flyers of the capital.

China Kitchen, Delhi

It offers a cosy and intimate way of experiencing Chinese cuisine. The crowning glory of the restaurant is the Peking Duck that the chef will bring from the kitchen to slice right in front of you. Talk about personalising your food!


Sushi, wasabi and miso have found a permanent place in our cities and palate, thanks to these fine dining hotspots.

Wasabi, Mumbai

Recognised by San Pelligrinoas as one of Asia's 50 Best Restaurants in 2016, the menu is a culinary treasure trove. Each ingredient is sourced from Japan, while adhering to strict standards of quality.

Sakura, Delhi

Celebrating Kaiseki cuisine, the formal royal Japanese cooking, Sakura has an inviting contemporary Japanese ambience. It is one of Delhi’s go-to places for sushi, miso soup, grilled salmon and matcha ice cream.

Megu, Delhi

It’s chic, it’s authentic and it serves with finesse in a dramatic environ; that’s Megu for you.

Asian Multi-Cuisine

The Asian Multi category represents cuisines from multiple Asian countries -  Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam & Malaysia.

Bomra's, Goa

Contemporary South-East Asian cuisine found a permanent address in Goa because of Bomra’s. It is helmed by Chef Bawmra Jap, who draws inspiration from his Burmese roots and uses local ingredients to translate his vision.

Gung the Palace, Delhi

Gung, translated as the Palace in Korean, has earned high praise among diners in Delhi, and beyond, for its authentic Korean fare with a wide-array of traditional specialties.

Thai Pavilion, Vivanta by Taj President, Mumbai

Aficionados of Thai cuisine know where to go to satiate their tastebuds in Mumbai. For those still on the fence, Thai Pavilion offers authentic Thai dishes served with a finesse that is hard to match even in its home country.


Explore a culinary trail with some of the most eclectic menus serving food from Spain, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey & France.

The Table, Mumbai

From the 20-foot long Burma teak community dining table, Zucchini Spaghetti and the signature Table burger, this restaurant brought about a paradigm shift in the culinary landscape of Mumbai.

Olive Bar & Kitchen, Delhi

This iconic Mediterranean fine dining hotspot opened doors in early 2000s, and hasn’t looked back since. Simple and fresh ingredients are the mainstays of its flavour-rich food, making it a stalwart in this category.

Masque, Mumbai

A travelling chef who is keen on introducing lost flavours and unknown grains to the modern Indian diner, Prateek Sadhu is doing the impossible task of fusing old-world Indian produce in a new-age dine-up at Masque.


Tipping our hat to those who serve classic Italian specialties by staying true to provenance.

Artusi Ristorante E-Bar, Delhi

Panna cotta lovers of the world unite - and head straight to Artusi Ristorante e Bar. Not to mention other Italian classics such as Caprese Salad, burratas, raviolis and risottos that hold their own against the mighty Panna Cotta.

Ottimo – ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru

Ottimo is an Italian word and it means ‘Excellent’ in English. Chef Vittorio Greco crafted the menu with seasonal produce sourced all the way from Italy. It is reckoned as one of the best Italian fare in the Garden City.

Vetro – Oberoi, Mumbai

Vetro’s Italian menu is a winning formula of pastas and meats cooked to perfection, along with a wine library that curates vinos of the highest quality.

Free Style Cooking

This category applauds restaurants that have achieved culinary milestones with their eclectic and innovative menus.

Bastian, Mumbai

Bastian has earned a reputation for itself for providing phenomenal seafood in Mumbai. It's hardly a surprise that Chef Kelvin Cheung found fame in Maximum City, because celeb spotting is a fairly common occurrence here.

The Bombay Canteen, Mumbai

Chefs Thomas Zacharias and Floyd Cardoz have turned Bombay Canteen into an institution for culinary endeavours. The focus is on bringing back hidden recipes in a joyful setting that celebrates food in all its myriad ways.

Indian Accent – The Manor, NCR

Manish Malhotra is globally acknowledged as the father of modern Indian cuisine. After wowing diners in New York & London, its Delhi outlet lives up to Malhotra’s reputation as a maverick chef with multiple awards for its outstanding food.


Raising a toast to the bars, lounges and night clubs that have changed the nightlife landscape of our cities.

Koko, Mumbai

It caught the imagination of the maximum city’s swish set with its 100-feet long island bar featuring Asian-inspired cocktails. The family of the wildly popular Colaba nightspot Henry Tham, that shut shop a few years ago, introduced Koko Asian Gastropub last year in Mumbai.

PCO, Delhi

Pass Code Only is a cocktail specialty bar that focuses on the quality and preparation of cocktails, ranging from classic cocktails to their completely bespoke Mood Cocktail.

Bar Palladio, Jaipur

A bar where they light a bonfire during winters to keep patrons warm? Check. Great cocktails and food worthy of a royal city? Check. Tasteful decor and good service? Check.

New Restaurant

These new eateries have created a buzz within months of their launch from the start of 2017 until October 31, 2017

Nara, Mumbai

The name is derived from Sanskrit, meaning woman; not surprising considering it is helmed by ambitious women. The menu features age-old Thai cuisine that perfectly blends with its modern ambience.

POH, Mumbai

Progressive Oriental House provides a progressive Asian gourmet experience, playing up with texture and aromas to suit the evolving palate. The Chinese medic-inspired Yàodiàn Bar and the Sushi Bar Omakase all add to the dramatics.

Sly Granny, Bangalore

Known as “Bangalore’s community house”, Sly Granny is a go-to place for gastronomes who love to explore philosophy clubs as well as cocktail bars. Its menu, curated by Chef Varun Pereira, offers a European spread and exclusive tapas specialties.

Indian Wines

Honouring Indian labels that have stood the test of time by driving value and creating formidable wines.


The brainchild of Hyderabad-based couple, Uma and Krishna Prasad Chigurupati, KRSMA is applauded for adopting innovative methods to produce fine quality grapes that translate into superlative wines.

Grover Zampa Vineyards

Grover was launched by Kanwal Grover - the father of Indian viticulture. After witnessing a slump in its growth story, their tale of recovery with a bunch of new labels, great reds and a young leadership team is admirable.

York Wines

A family-run winery, York Wines is best known for its award-winning Reserve Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. The massive 9-acre estate, overlooking the hills, qualifies it to be of the most picturesque vineyards in the country.