Seasonal Vegetables at their Best
Seasonal Vegetables at their Best

Hello Summer

Episode - 11


Dur : 22 mins


Gautam Mehrishi

Seasonal Vegetables at their Best- Indian Squash or Tinda, Pumpkin and Turai or Ridge Gourd are seasonal vegetables which many people avoid in their diet. Chef Gautam Mehrishi combines these vegetables with other ingredients to make some recipes that will beat the heat.


Jackfruit - A Powerhouse of nutrients

episode 13

Jackfruit - A Powerhouse of nutrients

Most people have childhood memories related to Jackfruit. Chef Gautam Mehrishi uses this fruit to …

Dur : 24 mins
Kokum - A Refreshing Ingredient

episode 12

Kokum - A Refreshing Ingredient

Kokum and Amla are two ingredients that can refresh you in summers. Are you wondering …

Dur : 24 mins
The Sweet and Sour Combination

episode 10

The Sweet and Sour Combination

Sweet and sour is an evergreen combination. Chef Gautam Mehrishi dedicates this episode of Hello …

Dur : 23 mins
Milk - A Versatile Ingredient

episode 9

Milk - A Versatile Ingredient

Milk is a versatile ingredient and can be combined with various other elements to make …

Dur : 26 mins
Sattu - A Superfood

episode 8

Sattu - A Superfood

Sattu is India's local superfood from Bihar and is known to have a cooling effect …

Dur : 24 mins
Coconut - A Multipurpose Ingredient

episode 7

Coconut - A Multipurpose Ingredient

Coconut water and flesh are a perfect option for summers. It is essential that we …

Dur : 24 mins
A Seasonal Fruits Special

episode 6

A Seasonal Fruits Special

Seasonal fruits like watermelon, oranges, kiwi can keep you fresh and hydrated in the summers. …

Dur : 24 mins
Onions With a Twist

episode 5

Onions With a Twist

Sharbats are a popular category of drinks served during summers. Chef Gautam Mehrishi shares three …

Dur : 22 mins
Time to try Sugarcane

episode 4

Time to try Sugarcane

Sugarcane juice is one of the most consumed drinks in most parts of the country. …

Dur : 24 mins
Exploring the Leafy Greens

episode 3

Exploring the Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are called superfoods due to their high nutritional value. Chef Gautam Mehrishi combines …

Dur : 23 mins
Cucumber - An Option for Summers

episode 2

Cucumber - An Option for Summers

Cucumber has 95% water and 5% fibre which can keep you hydrated in summers. Cucumber …

Dur : 23 mins
Mango - The Summer Fruit

episode 1

Mango - The Summer Fruit

Most people try to escape the heat by visiting hill stations. However, Chef Gautam Mehrishi …

Dur : 23 mins


Hello Summer | Promo

promo 1

Hello Summer | Promo

Rekindle memories of your summer holidays and childhood with chef Gautam Mehrishi. Watch Hello Summer …

Dur : 1 mins

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